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  • Exfoliated vermiculite

    ECOVERM® offers the market exfoliated vermiculite, which is a relatively new and one of the most promising types of environmental and mineral materials nowadays. Vermiculite is formed by thermal treatment of natural raw materials stored in the bowels of the earth in the form of the mineral.
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    Being a hydrous phyllosilicate mineral, exfoliated vermiculite has:
    • environmental cleanliness (sterile non-toxic material that does not contain heavy metals);
    • durability (exfoliated vermiculite is resistant to decay);
    • low thermal conductivity;
    • fire resistance (melting temperature – 1350ºC);
    • chemical inertness (exfoliated vermiculite  is neutral to acids and alkalis);
    • biological stability (it does not decompose through the action of microorganisms, also the  environment of this material is not a favorable for insects and rodents).
  • As a result of expansion the material undergoes, exfoliated vermiculite obtains such additional properties as:
    • Porosity and lightness
    • Low density
    • High moisture content
    • Sound absorption
    • Unique ion exchange
    • High adsorption capacity

    Thanks to invaluable chemical, physical and mechanical properties of exfoliated vermiculite, it is widely used in ecology, construction, floriculture and livestock production, chemical industry, mechanical engineering and metallurgy, and other sectors of the economy. International experience confirms the use of this material in more than 400 areas of human life and activity.

  • ECOVERM® company produces five fractions of exfoliated vermiculite:
    • 0.5 mm fraction (ECOVERM®micron)
    • 1 mm fraction (ECOVERM®superfine)
    • 2 mm fraction (ECOVERM®fine)
    • 4 mm fraction (ECOVERM®medium)
    • 8 mm fraction (ECOVERM®large)

    Standard package is about 70 liters or 1 m³ (in bags and/or in big bags). At the same time we can pack exfoliated vermiculite according to your individual wholesale order. Only ECOVERM® offers the most reasonable prices on this kind of product.

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